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Our company which is an expert in the field of mechanical control is at your demand.

We have been constantly developing our workforce resulting in expert and well-educated staff. In the meanwhile, our machine park grows to manufacture even better and more economical products. Despite the overgrowing competitiveness of the market, we never abstained from our high quality standards to provide low-cost products.

After obtaining raw materials from our suppliers, we have been producing most of the parts of the products within our facilities. Hence, we are able to deliver better quality yet reasonably priced products. The backbone of our manufacturing processes consists of mechanical control cables. Our expansive scope of manufacturing includes; Construction Equipment Control Cables, Backhoe Loaders Control Cables, Agricultural Machinery Control Cables, Concrete Transit Mixers Control Cables and Control Boxes, Watercraft Control Cables, as well as control cables of similar machinery and Mechanical Control Units.

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Deniz Köysüren

Manager - Turkey

Kürşad Apak

Manager - Germany


Reliable Production

2006 - 2023

Path from the past to the future

All had strated with our acquirement of ‘Yıldız İtme Çekme Kumanda Spiralleri’ firm in 2006. At the time we started, the manufacturing space was 70m, yet we achieved to increase it to 750m2.

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